FROM real-time Twitter stream analysis
TO timely delivery of important stock market news

PRISMYAR report is extracted from the Twitter stream and filtered on the basis of multiple parameters for determining reliability and importance, publishing news in real time and issuing warnings.
The tweets shown in real time in the News section have passed a preliminary examination which aims to discard the unnecessary rumors about stocks.

The examination of the individual tweets involves the assignment of a weight to each tweet, derived from various elements of judgment such as the text, the author and any retweets, and the sources cited.
Over 2.000.000 rated authors and over 20.000 rated sources.
If the sum of the weights of the tweets received in a minute, related to a particular stock (Information Pressure), exceeds an attention threshold, specific for each single stock, the stock enters the state of attention (Warning), and a specific row is generated in the table of the Warnings section.

  • to FREE users the warning appears with a delay of 15 minutes
  • to BASIC users the warning appears with a delay of 5 minutes
  • to PREMIUM users the warning appears in real time


From the warnings row related to the individual stocks, you can learn more about the news that generated the alarm: a graph is connected to each warning that shows, for each minute starting from 10 minutes before the alarm, the trend of the stock and the histogram of the sum of the weights of the tweets of that minute.

The graph thus composed offers the possibility to read the tweets that generated the alarm, those of the minutes immediately preceding and following the warning, all together or divided by each minute.


During the alarm period, which can last from 30 to 60 minutes, the graph is automatically updated every 30 seconds, with the security price and the tweets received.
The Dossiers, available only for Premium users, contain all the important last month's tweets by stock, and can be consulted online and printed in PDF format.


The selection of important tweets, and the attribution of a specific weight to each tweet, depend on a proprietary engine which analyzes the data relating to classified authors (currently around 2.000,000) and classified sources (around 20,000). The data is processed in order to attribute a degree of credibility and timeliness.

As the graph above illustrates, the flow of incoming tweets, relating to over 1,800 stock exchange securities, is subjected to an initial evaluation which assigns a degree of importance to the tweets.
Those that exceed the threshold of importance are forwarded to the News, and stored to enter a be part of stock-specific dossiers.
For each stock and for each minute, the sum of degrees of importance of the individual tweets received is kept.
When this sum, at the end of the minute, exceeds the average warning threshold, which varies for each stock (in relation to the average frequency of tweets for that stock measured in a historical database), the warning for that stock starts (only in the open market, premarket and afterhours phases) and lasts 30 minutes.

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on the contrary if you downgrade from PREMIUM to BASIC the days remaining to the previous deadline are doubled.
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